RF Planning and Optimization

Deploy cutting-edge technology to optimize GSM, 3G, or LTE networks to reap maximum returns.

Civil & Infrastructure Audit

On & Off site inspection of Greenfield and rooftop site is involved along with environmental assessment.

QoS Benchmarking & QoE Audit

QoS benchmarking and QoE audit services for national and international operators and regulators.

Radio Fequency Audit

To check the following events along with the analysis of log files to recommend optimization suggestions.

Network Performance Management

Fmengineers has a competent team for undertaking KPI based network improvement assignments.

Base Station Subsystem

In BSS audit, we check and verify BOQ (Bill of Quality) and quality of installation including BTS antenna

Network Audit and Performance Optimization

FM ENGINEERS performs end-to-end network audits to evaluate and optimize the performance of the network. The audit process addresses technical evaluation as well as identification of KPIs, BoQs, Quality of work for on-site installed equipment i.e. Radio, Transmission, BSS, and Civil works. The result of the audit is extensive reporting and providing suggestions and recommendations to improve network quality based on our expert judgment.
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Our Process

We define what your aim that you plan to do or achieve based on real facts and not influenced by personal

Developing an action plan can help changemakers turn your visions into reality. Although this step seems fully developed, we would need to review the entire place and action accordingly

The process of making something active or effective implementation according to new policy/law. Before implement a project, it is imperative that we create a coherent and high-quality project proposal. We have collected the best

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) we assess the performance of projects, institutions. Good planning helps focus on the results that matter, while monitoring and evaluation help us learn from past successes and challenges. With the Dashboard, we can stay up to date on what’s happening across all monitors in your workspace and dive into individual monitors to examine test results.


Our Values

Customer focus and corporate core value play a central role in achieving our vision. Without fully understanding and adapting the core values, we will not be able to accomplish our vision. In today’s competitive world, only knowledgeable and disciplined workforce centered on following values can survive and lead:


Who We Are

CEO's Message

Over the years, we have assembled a team of loyal and talented managers, engineers, and employees. We would like to reassure every employee that our strong entrepreneurial spirit has not faded and that there are diverse challenges ahead for us all.

Our Mission

Acquire Strategic Service Partner Status with the leading telecom vendors and operators by continuously developing and consistently delivering, high quality, high value, responsive, and cost-effective portfolio of telecom services.

Our Vision

To create a highly innovate, agile and profitable business enterprise

Our Commitment

1. Customer Focus                2. Respect

3. Discipline                               4. Knowledge Sharing

5. Passion                                    6. Innovation

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